Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

JeffC's picture
Feeling the cool morning air.
It made me feel grateful for the changing season.
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I am on respite in a hotel that overlooks the marina and long bridge.
It showed me that there is beauty , calm and relaxation in naturel
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I went to my friend's birthday party on Sunday and had a great time with him and some other friends. I was kind of nervous going there because of COVID but everyone had masks and we weren't super close physically. I was also able to see my other friend for the last time before she moves to Florida.
I was glad that I didn't feel like death that day and could actually get out.
Shotokan's picture
Un compañero de trabajo me solictó apoyo para un trámit de su familia
Siempre es un placer poder apoyar y servir a los demás, de la forma en que uno pueda hacerlo, creo qu dignifica la humanidad de cada quien
kategates6's picture
He was patient and made me laugh when I wasn't feeling good.
It helped me feel less frustrated and kept me from spiralling into a funk.
Mindaleigh's picture
My daughter is helping me get through the unexpected death of my husband (her father).
This has helped me to not be so lonely.
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Mi Padre y mi Tío están al pendiente de las necesidades de la famllia, en especial de mis hijos cuando su mamá y yo no estamos en casa por cuetiones de trabajo.
Me hace sentir seguro y tranquilo que mis hijos están protegidos y en buenas manos, de alguien que los quiere, cuid y proteje
Vidhi's picture
I am thankful to God for giving me the space on the terrace, to call an office. It has given me the opportunity to explore new ideas to decorate the space, understand what I need and being able to find a quiet space in the house. This has only been possible because God heard my predicament of finding a suitable place to set-up office.
It has helped me feel centered again and focus on my job and take classes as well.
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West Sacramento, CA, USA: Grateful, once again, for Thnx4 and all of you dear souls who contribute your notes and stories of gratitude! As opposed to doom-scrolling the news, this has been a safe and wonderful place for Friday evening visits (and sometimes mid-week when needing a boost.) Guaranteed positivity within! I love to link each of your little snippets of life together and get a sense of the lovely humans behind them, your joys, your struggles, your victories. It's always reassuring to see you "regulars," exciting to see new profiles and sad to see some drop away -- ah, such is impermanence.
Thank you all for being here -- wishing you many happy and hilarious life moments.
dAnOmite's picture
I have the health and bodily capacity to exercise.
It reminded me to be grateful for caring for myself and activity.
IRMA BAQUERO's picture
My sister invited me to her home to live together
It will help hope with the solitude that comes with the moving out of my companion-help and the death of my pet
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My son lived through a horrible illness.
It reminds me how lucky we are to have each other, our health and to have made it to the other side of the experience.
Shotokan's picture
Estar con mi famila en estos días ha sido muy gratificante, verlos sanos y contentos es una gan bendición para mí
Me siento bendecino, pleno y n paz. Sa biendo ue Dios está en todos y cada uno de ellos y de las acciones qu ellos tienen y hacen.
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I am thankful for today, the anniversary of my father's death, who died almost 30 years ago at the age of 58.
I can only be thankful that I am here because of him.
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tony y
I went out and skateboarded in the warm sunlight til sunset.
It reminded me of how beautiful life outside is, how nice the weather is in California, and makes me miss being able to go out normally even more.
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Nick Camp
My waiter gave me free avocado on my burger after I asked if it was extra and he said yes.
This made me happy that he would do something nice like that and made me enjoy the burger more. (Keto burger so normally very bland)
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My friend Euna spoke to me about something I had been really worried about for the past few months.
It made me happy.
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My Friend woke me up this morning! With His grace & mercy which endurerth forever. And for that I am grateful...& I say Thank you Lord
This gave me another chance to get it right with Him.
Naomi's picture
I woke up this morning to the shadow of a flying bird on my bedroom curtains, the first time I'd ever noticed it after spending over twenty years in this room.
I was in awe and grateful to live with nature, even after all this time.
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My Tiktok account and how allows to get any feelings or emotions out by making videos like today I’ve had a rollercoasters day of emotions
It’s allowed me to refocus my attention from suicidal thoughts and be here amen safe
Naomi's picture
Yesterday, I unexpectedly bought a slightly expensive pizza, but thankfully it was better than I expected.
I was happy that the pizza I ordered by mistake was delicious and thankful for the blessing of chance.
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The day before yesterday, I told my esthetician that I was happy that she had written a message on a bottle of mineral water, and she thanked me for my pleasure.
It was just a casual word, but they were so grateful and it made me so happy!
Ctracy's picture
Leisurely time on the beach with my sister and her three children.
It reminded me of how precious time is with those you love and it is in the little moments that we are able to feel whole and alive.
jsc18's picture
Helped me think about different approaches to my work
This helped me be more prepared and probably more successful
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I am thankful there are so many free resources out there, like fullstackopen.
It has allowed me to change my career and is making me a better programmer as well.