Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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My hands are sort of burnt right now and my skin gets very irritated when I use soap, so my mom has been washing the dishes for me this week until I go to the dermatologist so the dish soap doesn’t get my skin dryer/more irritated.
With me cooking and her washing the dishes instead of the other way around the burnt skin has gotten way better than how it was last week
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My sister is my right hand, she's always there even when I don't think I need her. I take our moments together for granted but today I consciously gave thanks
It made me feel like I would never be alone. To have a sister is to have a life companion. I felt happy.
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I went jogging today and saw this gorgeous tree, the top was red and it led down to green leafs
It reminded me of how beautiful autumn is. Last year I experienced my first autumn (I used to live in the Caribbean before) and I didn't get a chance to look at the season change because of quarantine, so it makes me extra happy to jog every morning looking at these new colors of nature -or at least new to me-
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Max is riding his Max er vehicle and imagining out loud being a hero in ponyville while watching my little pony.
He’s so happy and he reminds me how much I used to love to daydream.
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I traveled to see some friends and it was great seeing them in person for the first time in more than a year!
Reminded me how important and valuable human connections are
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Ayudar es una bendición.
Recordar que ser Médico es un privilegio, con los conocimientos ayudar a los demás. Gracias!!!
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I stopped by my sister's place on a whim because I wanted to go through this activity book with my nephew and I ended up hanging out with him before dinner. This preoccupied him and we had a good time. Later my sister sent me a text to thank me for playing with him while she was cooking where she would usually burn her food because she would be watching him.
This made me feel really good and appreciated. I'm thinking of making this into a regular thing!
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Grateful to live in this age where scientific understanding enables us to be even more gobsmacked by the wonders of life, the universe and everything. Galaxies! Wasn't that long ago in the state of human knowledge it was thought the Milky Way Galaxy alone comprised the entire universe ... now it is thought there could be 200 million to 2 trillion of them! And further back in history there was a time when it was completely unknown what stars really were, what they were made of, how far away they were, and that was just the ones that could be seen. Now it is thought there may be on the order of 10^24 stars in the universe ... more than the number of grains of sand on the entire Earth!
Grateful to be gobsmacked and also to envision a time many years hence that will make our current comprehension appear naive.
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I have the very BEST co-workers…WOW, thank you both very much for getting me a milkshake and freezing it for me(when i couldn't be a work on milkshake day). Also thank you for the text messages and good vibes, during my daughter’s unfortunate event. I really appreciated your thoughtfulness! Thank you to my supervisor for allowing me to have that time off.
This made me feel cared about and i felt the love while i was consuming that yummy milkshake.
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I decided to so something for myself today and take some time for a nice walk outside
It really made me enjoy this nice day
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I joined this program called the mindful Method and it's def out of my comfort zone in a lot of ways and so far I'm glad I signed up.
It reminds me that I'm putting myself first.
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I hadn’t packed my coffee.
I’m moving over the next couple of days and am a bit tired. Seeing that I hadn’t packed the coffee was a nice surprise from past me.
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My husband helped me today by taking care of some errands
this was nice so we can do things together in the future
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I received my tax returns.
I was able to completely pay off my outstanding balance on my credit card and put the rest of the money towards a down payment on a condo. I am really happy to be in a financial position where I am able to consider buying instead of renting, and relieved to have the stress of debts gone.
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My friend is taking off work the next two days to help us move into our new home.
I have much less stress about the moving process, and he is incredibly motivating.
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I discovered a podcast called Oligies. A specific episode on Thanatology has me wanting to commit to making positive changes in how I live my life.
It reminded me that end of life regret is something I have control of. Therefore, I can approach my end of life experience with fulfillment and gratitude rather than fear and regret.
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Michael Spedding
Hearing the terrible things happening in Palestine.
I feel very grateful that I live in a relatively stable country, surrounded by people I care for and that care about me and that we are happy and healthy
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I spent some time in the garden today and was very nice, In particular the hummingbirds
Remind me how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this
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I'm starting 3 weeks at kickboxing and my body is so sore. I feel so grateful for this feeling and the progress I've made this far.
My body is my home and I think I'm finally appreciating her, making her strong.
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I am grateful to this platform for teaching me the habit of starting the day with counting my blessings. I have learned that whatever the day brings there are always plenty of things to be grateful for, and appreciating that makes me instantly happier.
The more grateful I am the more beauty I see. - Mary Davis
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Today I met someone new and we had very productive conversations
This was very reinvigorating and made me excited to discuss some topics, also reminded me how nice is to share connections with people even if we don't know them
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The smell of the lilacs on my walk this morning was so sudden so refreshing and so full of childhood memories that I felt like I got a huge boost of energy.
Lilacs are May in essence. - Jean Hersey
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Estoy agradecido por que el día de hoy pudimos tener un tiempo en familia en un lugar maravilloso, los 6 componentes de esta familia... ver a i padre, mi tío, mi esposa, mi hija y mi hijo contentos es algo que se agradece infinitamente
Estar con mi familia, compartir lugares y experiencias maravillosas como la del día de hoy en la playa, es una gran BENDICIÓN!!!!
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Just felt grateful to be driving along with my youngest son listening to classic songs and tapping our feet and enjoying each others company without having to say anything.
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I met for lunch with my dad. We don't have the best relationship so it felt like today was a good step towards progess.
progress. It made me reflect on past accomplishments and made me want to take steps or real action for my future like buying GRE prep books.