Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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Tener agua potable en casa
Una bendición
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Feel grateful for Siri ! Now I can share what I have Learned with somebody. Also, I can get extra help and try to optimize the project. Perhaps it won’t feel that I have to be on the run with it.
Shared my worries and help me to keep up the quality
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Early morning row on Lake Merritt. So calm and peaceful. Zen out watching the pelicans dive for their breakfast. The small herons spaced along the shore. The adorable coots are back.
Sets my mood for the day perfectly.
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Tenzin Chime
Marisa bought me a Starbucks coffee - latte with oat milk.
I enjoyed the coffee at my desk while working.
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I had a headache today, and my husband massaged my neck and back to help me feel better.
It not only felt good having someone whom I love, and who loves me, spending time with me to care for me, but the massage really did make my head feel better.
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For making me seeing things from another perspective and in a calm way
I felt relaxed and at ease
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The rain that cleaned the air and watered the grass....a crisp clean beautiful morning.
I am reminded of the beauty in nature and how water gives life to all things.
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I feel grateful to have the privilege of having medical care and doctors who can help evaluate my health status along the way.
It makes me take a step back and realize that not everyone in the world can get basic care as me. We live in a very advance country with exceptional health care, although not perfect, should still be appreciated for.
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In this season I can work from home.
Reminded me of how blessed I am.
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West Sacramento, CA, USA: Thankful for having found opportunity to meet our new neighbor! This development is such that people drive into their garages on the back side of their homes and disappear from there into their homes ... it just isn't conducive for meeting or chatting. There are neighbors whom I have literally seen only once or twice in the decade I've been here, so I'm always peeking and watching to try to catch a sighting! Caught my new neighbor Angela today before she drove away, and we had a pleasant conversation -- she's a lovely soul, and we were surprised at some coincidences in our lives and pets.
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tony y
I went out skateboarding late in the day and the sky was beautiful as the sun set.
I was reminded of how fortunate I am to live in a state that is as physically beautiful as California, despite its infinite dangerous flaws.
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cherry berry
My good friend Claire helped me to sort things out in my house and she also sent me a surprise gift of candles in the post... :)
hugely helped me out - I couldn't have done it on my own and she really stepped in and sorted it all for me... above and beyond xx a true friend.
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cherry berry
they just were them.
I just felt love for them and am so grateful to have them in my life.
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My roommate came home from work and made dinner
To have someone around that I can rely on.
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I talked with my mother about a difficult experience he's going through.
Happy to help.
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Paid me a compliment
Gave me a boost at the start of a hard week!
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tony y
Eddie Van Halen has passed away, and I'm grateful for what he brought to the music world.
His music is something to behold, and he was a legend in rock. On top of it all, he was a relatable person despite his fame.
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Nick Camp
I had my first keto cheat day and it was really awesome. I had some fries and nachos.
It made me really happy and more motivated to lose the weight.
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Before I went on vacation my mom told me she will miss me.
It let me know that I make an difference in her life.
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While following the GGSC training on happiness at work, I am regularly sharing articles, extracts, websites... to one of my good friend, knowing that it will help her in her personal development journey.
I felt grateful. It has been a while since we had not talked about what I sent her and I thought she did not have enough time to read them. And actually she reads everything I send her. She confirmed how relevant my choices were.
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While catching up on my emails I came across a recent Greater Good article on gratefulness during COVID times. It was a total and pleasant surprise to see my journal entries highlighted a few times there! Thank you!
I really appreciated the recognition and I’m glad they served a greater purpose. It was a nice reminder to keep this gratitude exercise going and that sharing my gratitude can serve a greater purpose beyond just my own benefit.
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Yesterday I had a chance to talk to two colleagues I hadn't seen in a while. I was strangely relieved to find out that he was feeling the same difficulties with the corona disaster.
I felt grateful to have colleagues with whom I could empathize and talk with.
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The day before yesterday, I had a delicious duck and arugula salad at a restaurant I wandered into, and the manager's hospitality was warm and welcoming.
Even though the restaurant was large, its manager often came to my table to talk to me. Eating alone while on a business trip is often tasteless, but thanks to the manager's attention to detail, I was able to enjoy my dinner.
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Last Sunday, we successfully completed a workshop for the non-profit organization I lead.
I thanked them for their efforts and was happy with the good results.
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Went walking with a friend today.
we are both trying to exercise more because we are working from home and not as active as we used to be. I shared with her that I bought a bathroom scale from Amazon and it came with a measuring tape. We both had a good laugh.