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The Latest "Thnx" from People on Thnx4

What are you grateful for?

Vigilance's picture
I stopped by my sister's place on a whim because I wanted to go through this activity book with my nephew and I ended up hanging out with him before dinner. This preoccupied him and we had a good time. Later my sister sent me a text to thank me for playing with him while she was cooking where she would usually burn her food because she would be watching him.
This made me feel really good and appreciated. I'm thinking of making this into a regular thing!
Zivio's picture
Grateful to live in this age where scientific understanding enables us to be even more gobsmacked by the wonders of life, the universe and everything. Galaxies! Wasn't that long ago in the state of human knowledge it was thought the Milky Way Galaxy alone comprised the entire universe ... now it is thought there could be 200 million to 2 trillion of them! And further back in history there was a time when it was completely unknown what stars really were, what they were made of, how far away they were, and that was just the ones that could be seen. Now it is thought there may be on the order of 10^24 stars in the universe ... more than the number of grains of sand on the entire Earth!
Grateful to be gobsmacked and also to envision a time many years hence that will make our current comprehension appear naive.
Blessed-nurse's picture
I have the very BEST co-workers…WOW, thank you both very much for getting me a milkshake and freezing it for me(when i couldn't be a work on milkshake day). Also thank you for the text messages and good vibes, during my daughter’s unfortunate event. I really appreciated your thoughtfulness! Thank you to my supervisor for allowing me to have that time off.
This made me feel cared about and i felt the love while i was consuming that yummy milkshake.