Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

InaZ's picture
I had my hair cut today by the same woman who has been cutting it for 35 years - she's like an aunt to me.
She's the only person who "knows" my wavy/curly hair well enough to make it look good cut after cut. She's one of the few people in my life with whom I can speak honestly.
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My friend, who said she considers herself as family to me.
This made me feel as though my world is larger, that I have more love and connection in my life.
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I have 2 legs and could walk in the sunshine
I'm grateful for living in a peaceful country
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Jim R Feliciano
I had a customer who was very frustrating. My supervisor stepped up and cleared it up.
My supervisor gave me ideas of other ways to deal with the situation.
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Today is National Caregivers Day and I am so grateful we have Loni to help us out with an aging parent.
She is amazing and with her help my father-in-law is able to stay in his home and we are able to go to our jobs each day and maintain our daily schedules.
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Thanked me for all the hard work I have been doing.
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My boyfriend checks in on me and does his best to help support me despite his busy work schedule.
Made me feel loved and acknowledged.
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I am grateful for the sunshine coming in my office window.
It warms my face and reminds me that I am lucky to be alive.
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I caught up with 2 like minded friends and we discussed our learnings from things we attended during the day and how we can use them in our community.
I felt blessed to be able to have wonderful conversations and work on doing good.
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My boss wrote me a note thanking me for something I did for her and also how much she appreciates working with me.
Felt good that I made her day and in turn she made mine more pleasant
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My boss today showed me he cares about my well being. and he agreed to raise a job offer for me to get an assistant that I very much need
It took some pressure off me. The feeling of being overwhelmed wth too much work
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I feel thankful for having a supportive team of people that I work with!
It reminded me that work isn't just a place to get things done, but It can also be a place where you find supportive, creative, talented people that help you become a better person.
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My friend took my child trick-or-treating so that I could spend time with an older child and his friends. I rarely get to hang out with my son and his friends.
I was able to clean up my kitchen and interact with my teenager and his friends while they made pizzas.
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checked in on me when I was late for a meeting. I had forgotten (and I am the committee chair) but they came to me to see if I was alright.
He reminded me we all get overwhelmed sometimes and it wasn't the end of the world that I forgot.
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My 15-year-old daughter Grace cooked dinner with me when she could have been doing homework or going out for Halloween. I'm grateful each time she wants to creatively express herself, with or without me, and how she's building skills to become an independent young adult. This special time is also selfishly one I love as a mother-daughter event, where I get to hear what her day was like, other things she's thinking about, etc.
We had fun together, got to chat, make fun comments, critique the food, etc.
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Do. One. Thing.
My co-worker validated that I am a good supervisor but also that I have Leadership qualities.
Validated that I am true to myself and operate with an ethical mindset.
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Scarlet Francisca Işgüder
I was over charged for lunch and I called up the restaurant to inform them. I was then offered a free lunch next week for me and my sister.
The restaurant understood that they made a mistake. And I get to enjoy the yummy food again for free!
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I am being given an opportunity to increase my gratitude in life by participating in this program
It reminds me of how lucky I am to be who am I, where I am and have what I have in my life today.
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My daughters are great, they teach me every day how to see life in a simpler way.
it benefits me because I am out of work right now, having them around reminds me that I need to be grateful every day for having them.
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For Bridee, Bocelli and Bella... my furry family who are with me.
They are my most trust physical companionship and examples of unconditional love.
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walked in woods on campus, was really pretty
It reminded me how beautiful the autumn is, and nature, and how lucky I am to have use of my limbs, senses etc to experience that
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My son Ontonio (16 years old) was walking home from a friend's house and decided on a short cut through the park. Four males wearing masks (last night it was Halloween) attempted to rob him. They pulled a gun out on him. I'm so very thankful for Paladin's security patrolling the area because there presence was what my son needed to run and seek help.
We are blessed he made it home safely without harm.
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My son with significant mental health and emotional issues receives a monthly SSI check. As his payee I went to pull money for him this morning and his account had a $0 balance. Usually when anything like this happens he loses control and tries to take it out on me and gets very angry. Today, he just said, 'ok, we will get it fixed as soon as we can. Can I just please borrow some money for the things I need?' I was SO relieved.
I felt as if maybe there is some hope for Matthew and him maturing. He is 28 and this is the first time ever he didn't overreact to something like this.
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My grandchildren helped me feel better when I fell and cut myself.
Their attention comforted me and helped me calm down.
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I was able to see my two grandkids dress up and go for Halloween.
I am lucky to experience such joy through their enthusiasm