Public Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for?

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shared how someone was grateful of them.
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I checked in with a student on how she's doing. She talked about two related experiences where she's feeling rejected. I listened.
Good and grateful that I know her.
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A hike in the woods, cool air, autumn leaves crunching underfoot.
I relax, let go, find peace in nature!
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I am so thankful because i got my degree today. I am glad I did not fail at any course, although came quite close once. I am glad for all the support I got.
I feel so Happy now! Feeling proud and invincible. May be this is how it feels like to work hard for sth and achieve it. I went to McD and got a large milk share with vanilla in the bottom and chocolate at top. It was Lit. :)
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I felt gratefull for the nature we have here in Norway. And the weather we had today. A perfect autumn day.
It made me smile and reminded me about how much I love my country. And how beautiful my country is.
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My daughter's boyfriend is picking her up from the airport while her dad and I are at work.
By him picking her up, neither of us had to miss time off from work. We didn't have to pay for an uber or other form of transportation. And it made her day!
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My husband went to an estate sale for me over his lunch hour that was close to his place of work since I was unable to make it there myself. This is way out of his comfort zone, but he did it anyway. They were selling a large collection of pottery that I collect and he knew how important it was to me.
I felt so relieved and happy that he was willing to go out of his way to help me add to my pottery collection when I was unable to do so myself today.
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In the midst of crazy circumstances, I have a great tribe of people that are watching my back.
I am blessed beyond measure! I have all the love and support that a person could hope for.
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I am grateful for the artists in the world.
At great personal sacrifice the artists of the world - whether famous or unknown - lift the rest of us up with their creative energy made manifest in their work. Their efforts are an antidote to apathy, discouragement, and self-absorption.
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My sister made me a great French toast breakfast.
I am 38weeks pregnant so this was just a big help in getting me through the day.
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I was invited to attend an awards ceremony to help celebrate out student's success. The guest speakers were very inspirational, and the students had a wonderful energy
I was re-inspired
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A few weeks ago I had an idea to improve one of our courses - but I don't have the skills to make my vision a reality. I mentioned the idea to a co-worker in the test centre, and then mostly forgot about, she sent me the finished I had envisioned, and even better! Now that I see the finished product, I think others could use this too! She's amazing!
This improvement will make the course material more flexible, ensure that students get feedback more quickly, and I think can be applied over and over again as required for refreshers - and pretty much across campuses!
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Dana brought me a coffee this morning when I was working from home and very frustrated with what I was working on
I got my coffee!! I don't survive without coffee and when working from home I only have access to yucky coffee.
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My husband makes me feel grateful every day by just being him. After 30+ years I still look forward to seeing him every morning and at the end of every day.
A good morning kiss brightens my day.
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I took a hot shower this morning.
It reminded me how simple things can bring such pleasure, and how fortunate I am to have hot, running water.
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Someone who I found out had been out of work for 6 years and who now has a job, went out of their way to try and help me pitch myself to her bosses.
Just made me feel good that there are kind ppl out there
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I am grateful that I have wonderful co-workers that continually show that they care and find time to help.
It helps to know that people care
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The salesperson at the car parts store helped me choose economical new windshield wipers, and even put them on the car for me!
He saved me time and frustration, and even took the old ones to the trash for me. The whole transaction was smooth and I felt cared for by this kind stranger.
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I am grateful for the technology today. It helps us live a more connected life... phone, computers etc. Much of my time is spent apart from family and friends, but technology helps me bridge that gap and feel closer to others.
This reminds me of how blessed I am to have others to connect with...being connected to others I care about and who care for me is at the core of my well-being. Thanks to God for making people so creative and able to develop tools for Connection!
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A friend gave me a heads up to where they are hiring.
It set me in motion to follow through, and it made me feel good to know she was supporting me.
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I am grateful for the ability to be able to exercise and be able to move without difficulty.
It helps my mind, body and spirit to move into and maintain balance.
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my aunty(aisha mami) gave me gift that contained a clip and a scented body wash which i loved
i wanted to have a body wash for a long time so am happy
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I had a gentleman on the other side off the espresso stand pay for my coffee
I was so suprised and wanted to return the gesture to the someone else
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When I mentioned that I would be able to go to karaoke with this group, many of the members seemed genuinely excited and talked about looking forward to hearing me sing.
It made me happy to realize that there are people who genuinely like to hear me sing and are happy to hang out with me.
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I feel grateful that the clinic starts in the afternoon today. I needed to recover a little bit and catch up on sleep.
It reminded me of the importance of self care and prioritizing my sleep and nutrition.