Welcome to Thnx4. We appreciate you taking the time to journal and share your gratitude. Below is an explanation of how this website works, including answers to some common questions. If you still have questions after reading, don't hesitate to contact us at

Your Account

When you register for Thnx4, you create an account that you can log into in order to use Thnx4. Your account will have a username and is password protected, in order to maintain your desired level of privacy. During registration, Thnx4 also asks you to choose a Gratitude Challenge type (10-Day Intensive or 21-Day), to specify whether you are participating as part of a group, and for some details about you—age, sex, geographic residence, relationship status—which are useful for understanding the utility and impact of Thnx4. All of this information is entirely confidential and accessible only in aggregate by the Thnx4 development team.

While registering for Thnx4, you are also encouraged to upload a profile picture, which will appear on Thnx4 in your My Journal page and alongside your Say Thnx entries in the Public Journal (if your Thnx is public, which it is by default unless you opt to make it private by checking a box on the Say Thnx page), and in the My Group Journal if you are participating in a group-wide Gratitude Challenge. Including your photo makes your Thnx more personable and memorable. You can also upload a gratitude photo for each individual Thnx, which will appear in your My Journal page as well as the Public Journal for any of your public Thnx.

Saying Thnx

On the upper left of the Thnx4 homepage, you'll always see a link to Say Thnx. Clicking on Say Thnx will guide you through a few steps, encouraging you to consider to whom or for what you feel thankful, as well as the reasons you feel thankful. You can also add a photo. 

All of your Thnx, by default, will be added to your My Journal page within Thnx4, a cumulative list of all the moments of gratitude that you document on Thnx4 by clicking Say Thnx. Click on My Journal to see your Thnx4 gratitude journal. 

By default, all of your Thnx will also be added to the Thnx4 Public Journal, accessible to everyone who visits Thnx4 for inspiration, unless you indicate a preference to keep any one of your Thnx private. You can tell Thnx4 to keep any of your Thnx private either as the last step of a Say Thnx entry, or by selecting Make Private at the end of a Say Thnx flow, or clicking on Make Private under each entry within My Journal.    

Finally, if you are participating in a group-wide 10-Day Intensive or 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, your Thnx will also be added to the My Group Journal, accessible to fellow members of your group or organization. Again, you can keep any of your Thnx private by  selecting Make Private at the end of a "Say Thnx" sequence, or by clicking on Make Private under each entry within My Journal. 

If you would like to share your Thnx on social media channels, click on the blue plus sign beneath any of your Thnx in My Journal. This will enable you to post a link to your Thnx message to the selected platform along with a Thnx4 placeholder photo. We use a default placeholder photo to protect the privacy of people posting images on Thnx4. 

Checking In

Part of the inspiration for Thnx4 is to give people insight into how spending more time reflecting on what they are thankful for influences their day-to-day feelings, moods, and experiences in life. To capture this, we built the Check In module. To Check In, click on Check In on the left menu, then rate whether each cartoon face that you see matches how you've been feeling lately, one after the other.

Thnx4 computes a "How You're Doing" score from your ratings and plots these on a chart for you, over time, within My Insights so that you can see how gratitude is affecting your daily life. The more you Check In, the more information you'll have about how gratitude affects you.

Thnx4 Surveys

A second way that Thnx4 aims to contribute to our understanding about how gratitude works—both for your own satisfaction and for general knowledge—is by asking people who register to respond to a few life questions before they get started. The questions are drawn from standardized surveys that assess:

  1. Gratitude: Is Thnx4 making you more grateful?
  2. Life Satisfaction: Does Thnx4 change your levels of Satisfaction with Life?
  3. Resilence: Does Thnx4 lead to greater capacity to handle stressors in life?
  4. Loneliness: Does Thnx4 influence your degree of social connection?

Responses to these questions are algorithmically scored, then surfaced on your My Insights page before and after a 10-Day Intensive or 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. You will be prompted to answer these questions the first time that you click on My Insights to capture a "baseline." Then, after completing your Gratitude Challenge, Thnx4 will invite you to answer these questions again. If you respond to the questions at both of these times, both your starting and ending values will be visible on your My Insights page. The purpose is to provide you with a before-and-after story about how jumpstarting your gratitude with Thnx4 affects you, and to capture the same story across all the people who use Thnx4.  

My Insights

In addition to your before-and-after a 10-Day Intensive or 21-Day Thnx4 Gratitude Challenge metrics, your My Insights page on Thnx4 charts the details of your overall gratitude. Your My Insights page shows you a breakdown of what kinds of gratitude are most common for you—e.g., gratitude for things or people, or being the recipient of gratitude—as well as who or what you are more frequently grateful for. Your My Insights page also plots the change in your Check In scores over time, which shows you in real time how practicing gratitude affects your general feelings day-in and day-out. Science has shown that gratitude can boost personal and collective well-being in general, but your My Insights page on Thnx4 gives you systematic quantitative feedback about how gratitude affects you

More questions? Read the Thnx4 FAQ.

We have tried to offer a thorough explanation of how Thnx4 works, but we expect that there are details we've missed and welcome your inquiries and input. If you still have questions about how to get the most out of Thnx4, please email them to